What is SA doing?

The South Australian Government has a plan to help keep young South Australians safe in the online world and reduce their exposure to simulated gambling games.

The key actions underway in South Australia include:

  • South Australia will introduce new laws that will allow classifications, such as MA15+, to be applied to games that contain simulated gambling. This will enable parents, carers and educators to be better informed about the games children are playing.
  • An online Watch List with reviews of popular apps and online games with gambling content will be developed by March 2014. The value of this initiative is to inform parents and provide an interactive forum for parents and other community members to contribute their views to the Watch List and help identify potential new online games with simulated gambling.
  • An ‘Unleashed’ competition will be held for the local technology industry to develop a tool or resource that gives parents advice about minimising simulated gambling risks.
  • The Premier will take this issue to the Commonwealth Government and other states and territories advocating for the inclusion of simulated gambling in the national classification regime. National action will have the greatest effect in ensuring that children are not exposed to inappropriate or unsuitable gambling content.
  • Cyber safety is part of the Australian Curriculum that is progressively being rolled out to all schools in South Australia. Please ask your child’s teacher or Principal if you would like to know what policies and procedures are in place to protect and inform your child about online predators, cyber bullying and to how to best manage social media.
  • The South Australian government has identified young people and gambling as a social problem to be tackled as part of its youth grant funding.  As a result, programs are now underway to address gambling issues among young people from multicultural communities and to develop a ‘Keep it Fun’ app (to be created by young people) to help their peers understand the risks of excessive gaming and gambling.
  • The South Australian government is running a community awareness campaign to build understanding of the issues and risks so people can make informed decisions about access to online games

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