Simulated gambling facts

Fast facts about online simulated gambling games:

  • Gambling content sometimes appears in a game by linking to another site that lets you win extra credits for your game.
  • Casino-style games are available for video game consoles, on social media sites, and as apps that allow you to practise gambling without betting money (e.g. blackjack and poker games). Often these games give free credits, but encourage you to purchase more.
  • Some commercial internet gambling sites offer demo/practice modes that allow young people to practise gambling before playing for real.

  • Some types of simulated gambling are more risky for children than others.  Some of the key factors that make a game risky are:
    • a realistic gambling environment – a game might look like a casino or real poker machine
    • frequent simulated gambling – a game might only involve playing slot machines or blackjack
    • it is easy to win at the gambling activity – a game might make sure that you win more than you lose
  • There may be hidden costs in the games your child is playing. While many games are free to download, some can include in-game costs that can be easily purchased, often without parents being aware.
  • It is possible for children to buy online without needing a parent’s credit card or password.  For example, a child can buy pre-purchased ‘load and go’ cards from the post office or supermarket, and use these for in-app purchases.

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